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privacy policy

A privacy policy is a policy that discloses some or all of how a website collects, uses, discloses and manages data about its visitors and customers. This is to meet legal requirements to protect the privacy of our visitors and customers.

Each country has its own laws, and different jurisdictions have different requirements regarding the use of privacy policies. Check to see if you are following the laws relevant to your business or location.

In general, what should a privacy policy cover?



  2. How do we collect information?

  3. Why do we collect such personal information?

  4. How do we store, use, share and disclose site visitor personal information?

  5. How are you communicating with your site visitors (or not)?

  6. Do your services target and collect information from minors?

  7. Update privacy policy

  8. Contact Information

Learn more about how to create a privacy policyherePlease refer to the.

The descriptions and information provided herein are for general descriptions, information and samples only. It is also not legal advice or a recommendation for practical measures. We recommend that you seek professional legal advice to better understand and support the development of your privacy policy.

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